The formation of a new star

Articolo N. 142 I would just like to underline a rather evident fact: only a number of points in the layer of amber sealing the dome are completely transparent. So they let  flow the bioluminescence generated inside the superior waters. In fact the upper waters are swarming with millions of living luminiferous creatures. The layer … Leggi tutto The formation of a new star

Dossier 111 – Le vere misure della Terra piana

Articolo N. 140 Mi propongo qui di dare una breve sintesi dei punti salienti del manuale di terra piana che sarà presto disponibile in formato cartaceo. Si tratta della prima volta che, a livello mondiale, si discuta di questo argomento in maniera seria, approfondita e coerente. Vi si trova una completa, per quanto possibile esauriente, … Leggi tutto Dossier 111 – Le vere misure della Terra piana

The matrix of light

Articolo N. 138 Etherons i.e. photons: they went into existence with the Fiat Lux, on Day One. God created plants on the third Day, but only the day after he created the sun. Sometimes people reading the Genesis account of creation feel it appears to be quite inconsistent. Unless we better understand the real nature … Leggi tutto The matrix of light

Quantum physics dismantled

Articolo N. 136 “Natura abhorret vacuum”, this was an ancient saying. Accordingly, in one of my previous articles, I have introduced the ether, made of etherons. Ether has consequently a discrete nature, being the etherons the minimum unity that constitute it. Classical versus quantum physics In this article I want to discuss the way quantum … Leggi tutto Quantum physics dismantled