199 – The tribulation, the Blue Beam and the mark of the beast

We highlighted in the last article the fact that we are in full great tribulation. A few days ago, as proof of this, the Pope said that the great tribulation will be worse than what we are going through now. But we know how cunning are those who want to get away from full understanding of what is happening. We know that there is a war going on for our minds and understanding what happens today can make the difference between life and death.

They told us that our grandparents asked to go to war while we were asked to stay sprawled on the sofa. By saying this they seem to want to tell us how much better our situation is. However, Jesus said about the great tribulation in Matthew 24:22: “Unless those days were shortened no flesh would be saved.” Undeniable is the fact that money would run out and the economic system would collapse with indescribable social upheavals, hunger, revolution, death. But these times will be shortened. Staying at home without doing anything is therefore the great tribulation as it was for the Jews besieged by Cestius Gallus, closed in Jerusalem without being able to do anything and as it was for the Jews in Babylon when Cyrus entered with his Persian army. In fact, it seems that Cyrus had ordered everyone to stay in their homes because his soldiers would kill anyone found outside the house.

Isaiah 26:20 initially refers to this situation: “Come, my people, enter your chambers, and shut your doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until the fury has passed by.” But it is clear from the context of the verse in Isaiah that it also refers to the times of the end.

Even when the Jews were in Egypt they had to stay indoors during the last plague, which opened the doors to the next exit from Egypt and its religious influence. Going out that night meant certain death for the firstborn. The Israelites remembered that event with Easter. (Aren’t we also at Easter time with this Covid lockdown?). Even during the destruction of Jericho Rahab had to lock himself in the house with his family to later go out and join the people of God.

We are therefore in the midst of the great tribulation and it will soon be necessaru to leave Jerusalem, as the Christians had to do when Cestius Gallus left the city free, or as the Jews did when leaving Babylon when Cyrus left them open this possibility. The exit from Jerusalem / Babylon / Egypt means for us today to abandon the incorrect religious practices of all organized religions. In fact, there is not a single religious organization that has not come to terms to some extent with the wild beast of political power and has promoted its teachings such as heliocentrism just to give an example.

We said in the past article that some event will happen in rapid succession that should make us understand that it is time to get out of false religion. The most important is related to the fact that false Christs and false prophets will arise and we must avoid believing it. The verse of Matthew 24:23 does not allow to understand exactly if this thing will happen during the great tribulation or after. The great tribulation will last as long as adoration is prevented, that is, as long as it is not possible to meet for adoration. It is clear that everyone can continue to cultivate their own spirituality and relationship with God at home, but continuous sacrifice, that is, collective worship is prevented. However, it seems from verse 28 that the eagles, that is, the elect, will know what to do immediately after the great tribulation.

As I have already explained, I do not know exactly how these false Christs will manifest themselves and whether the Blue Beam project is to be taken literally, with its manifestations of holographic Christs and the radiation of spiritual-like messages in the minds of the faithful who will be so deceived . These events would explain why such a hurry in the installation of 5G systems, useful for the radiation of deadly microwaves. Certainly there will be a difficult moment, in which we could be deceived, in which we should carefully analyze every option and every thought. We will have to ask ourselves: do they lead my thoughts towards the will of God or towards that of the NWO? That is, will we go to new Heavens and new Earth or will we accept a new religious order on this Earth?

We will have to leave our religion to not enter in the new one that will replace the old false religions.

After a period of upheaval, glimpses of freedom will open and action must be taken there. In the coming months, the controlled demolition of all religions will continue, something that has been taking place systematically for some years now. Pedophilia is the time bomb that is used for this killing. Hungry crowds will take the final blows to bring down multibillion dollar organizations that have never really cared about people’s interests.

People who, driven by their religious attachment, will remain within these religions will be gradually but quickly conveyed into the new world religion. They will become unaware supporters of a worldwide unique religious solar thought. That will be the brand, the religious belonging, of thought and adoration to 666, that is, to the single solar thought.

The mark of the beast will therefore be revealed in these two aspects:

– Unique thought;

– Solar worship.

Let’s analyze.

The wild beast, we have already said, represents the descendants of people who, from the dawn of humanity, want world control. They are led by Satan being his offspring. They are in fact descendants of Cain who was the son of the snake. Jesus called them the seed of vipers and Satan’s congregation.

Unique thinking has always been the problem of these elite who, according to the instructions received from Satan, have always sought total control of our minds. Ephesians 6:12 states: “Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the Principalities and Powers, against the rulers of this dark world, against the spirits of evil that inhabit the celestial regions.”

Nimrod almost managed to complete this project. He decided to build a large city with a tower that touched the skies with the aim of gathering all the populations of the world around him and thus avoiding their dispersal. The Tower of Babel was to touch the heavens and in this it would have been a solar representation of defiance to God.

The unique thought has been achieved today with the use of the media, continuous propaganda, regime science. We are already forced to accept what is imposed by the mainstream regime. With the single religion and the single economic system, the discussion will be definitively closed.

As for solar worship, we keep in mind that the mark that is placed on the right hand or on the forehead of people will be the number 666, the name of the beast (Revelation 13:16). Those who follow my “earthmeasured” Youtube channel know well by now that the sun has a trajectory fully described by the number 666. Those of you who would like to go deeper could go and do research on the magic square of the sun which has the magic constant as its number 666.

King Solomon, in his enormous knowledge, was said to have understood the nature of the sun and that it should be described by the number 666. He made sure that even his annual earnings amounted to 666 gold talents thus highlighting the bond that the beast intends to establish between wealth and solar worship. Those who adore the sun must earn and therefore live because we owe their wealth to the sun.

Here I stop, but there are still many aspects that will be covered in the next articles.


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