197 – The great Tribulation

There is a story I want to tell you. In Jesus’ time, the apostles asked him what the signs of his presence and the end of the system of things would be. Bible scholars agree that Jesus’ words in response to this question have two future fulfillments: one the fall of Jerusalem and then the end of the system in a later period, with the end of the world and a subsequent recreation and re-establishment. Some disagree and think that the fulfillment is only one but do not reflect on the fact that the prophecy of Matthew 24 is linked to the prophecies of Daniel and to those of the book of Revelation, written after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD and that it therefore refers to the end of the whole system of things and the times we are experiencing now.

Read the account of Matthew 24:3 and the question asked by the disciples. I would say that Jesus’ answer is divided into two parts. The narrative is in fact divided into two: a first part which ends with verse 14 and a second part which tells of the great tribulation. We are interested in analyzing this narrative because it could refer to the situation we are experiencing with the circulation blockage due to the crown virus: a real siege of our freedoms.

Let’s analyze the first part of the story of Matthew 24.

In verses 4 and 5 of Matthew 24 Jesus warns the disciples that many would come in his name. Then there is talk of wars and news of wars, food shortages, earthquakes, but this, says Jesus, is not yet the end. Undoubtedly in the last two centuries we have seen many of the things described and I am referring to the world wars, but also to the previous Napoleonic wars and I would go on until the French revolution. All events triggered by the wild beast, that is, by those who truly rule the world: world esoteric Zionism or the enlightened ones or “The Illuminati”.

All revolutions and wars since the end of the 1700s have been designed following a precise program that aims to bring about a new world order: a single government with a single religion and a single currency worldwide. Interesting from this point of view is the correspondence between Pike and Mazzini, both Masons and instruments of the Illuminati. They described the future three world wars. The first would have targeted Russia, the second would have established Israel as a nation and the third would have resulted in the secularization of the Arabs. After that, a social disaster of enormous proportions would be provoked with the aim of starving the masses and using them to establish the New World Order.

Regarding the fact that many would have arisen who would have come by the name of Jesus and would have led many astray, one can easily refer to the Protocols of the Savios of Zion which describes the need for the power to create new religions, which it happened in the 19th century, to remove as many people as possible from Christianity. Hence, many religions such as the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Adventists were born at that time … Religions that were successful because they seemed to restore the moral values ​​lost by Christianity but which in reality were nothing more than a form of control of the population.

Over the millennia, the Illuminati have taken complete possession of the authority to issue money, taking advantage of the substantial ignorance of those in power in economic matters. By doing this, the descendants of the money changers of the times of Jesus, sons of vipers (hence the reptilians of Yicke) according to Jesus himself (Matthew 23:33), belongers to the congregation of Satan, have acquired the opportunity to lend money with interest having printed it out of nowhere. These people basically print money out of thin air and lend it to us having paid for it with our work and repaying it with the interests of the public debt. Hence the shortage of food, the hunger, which derives from cyclical economic disasters, artificially caused, like what we are experiencing these days.

But now we come to the second phase of Matthew 24. Verse 15 begins by saying: “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:) Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:” In verses 21-24 he continues saying: “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened. Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”

What can we understand from these words?

Let’s analyze what was the first fulfillment, that relating to the literal destruction of Jerusalem because this will allow us to find parallels. The prophecy is in fact one for two events, which therefore take place differently, at different times, but according to a similar lineup.

In 66 AD the Roman army arrived in Jerusalem with Cestius Gallus and laid siege to Jerusalem. At that moment, Christians recognized the disgusting thing placed in a holy place. The insignia of the Roman armies in fact represented the sun and solar idols. These were placed in a holy place as they prevented daily sacrifice in the temple of the surrounded city.

Solar worship has always been the religion of the Beast. Nimrod, later deified as the sun god, worshiped the sun and promoted the construction of the tower of Babel which would serve to collect and control the entire population of the world. So from the beginning of human history it went like this: the snake sought complete mind control of the masses to bring them to solar worship.

So, we said, when Christians saw the solar signs that blocked daily sacrifice, they understood that the fulfillment of the words of Jesus was beginning and that soon they would have to flee to the mountains. But how? Incredibly Cestio Gallo was recalled to Rome. The siege was quickly dismantled and the troops prepared to return. The besieged Jews did not believe their eyes. Arms in hand came out and shot down a good number of Roman soldiers who suffered a loud defeat.

The Christians instead prepared and fled to the Moab mountains in Pella, where they remained camped for 4 years. It was a long time and surely they would have wondered if their interpretation of the prophecy was correct given the great sacrifice they had undergone. However, leaving immediately proved to be salvation. In Jerusalem a period of riots and social upheavals made it increasingly difficult to abandon the city which was controlled by extremists.

Four years later Jerusalem was attacked by the armies of Titus and destroyed. A million people lost their lives. It was the divine judgment against apostate Israel which was now having a formal and pagan worship.

Interesting is the fact that the great tribulation of which Jesus speaks is shortened so that the elect can be saved. The great tribulation therefore precedes the final destruction, which is death, but no longer tribulation.

We see at this point the modern application, which should interest us all since we are all in forced quarantine, some more, othere less, but all over the world we are suffering the consequences.

Quarantine is a worldwide siege of governments against the population and the coronavirus is only the practical tool used to achieve this effect. The information that reaches us makes me believe more and more that respiratory problems are activated by 5G radiation and that the deaths are mostly to be associated with old age, previous pathologies and, in part, with excess of medicamentation by doctors in hospitals. In fact, heavy antivirals of the type used for malaria and HIV are used. An already debilitated organism is therefore challenged by the toxicity of these medicines.

Governments represent the disgusting thing in a holy place. It is in fact the beast with seven heads and ten horns which is described in Revelation chapter 13. This beast is esoteric Zionism and the ten horns are the totality of world governments in their hands. The disgusting thing refers to what is repulsive from the standpoint of worshiping Jehovah. The Hebrew term is used to define unclean idolatrous practices. When Israel began to worship the disgusting idols of neighboring nations (most often solar idols), it was rejected by their god Jehovah. Governments promote centralized idolatrous thinking. The state and false heliocentric science are promoted by all the governments of the world and everyone must adapt. Never as in these days have we become aware of the lack of freedom, even of speech, which makes it increasingly difficult for us to transmit the truth.

This forced quarantine is therefore the great tribulation, which must be shortened in order for the elect to flee. But escape from where? If this tribulation were not abbreviated, in fact, no flesh could be saved as Jesus says because we would arrive at final destruction without giving the elect the opportunity to purify themselves from their idolatrous religious practices. In Daniel 8: 13,14 there is talk of a long process of purification by the elect: “I heard one saint speak and another saint say to the one who spoke:“ How long will this vision last: the abolished daily sacrifice, the desolation of iniquity, the sanctuary and the militia trampled on? ». He replied: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings and mornings: then the sanctuary will be claimed”. The two saints of Daniel correspond to the two saints of Revelation 11 and we will talk about it later.

The fact that the disgusting thing is placed in a holy place is clear if we consider the fact that all the places of worship worldwide are closed and it is not possible to gather for adoration. Therefore the people of God must come out of Babylon, that is, from any religious organization to which they belong. In fact, all religious organizations have somehow promoted idolatry, in the form, for example, of heliocentrism.

What signal will the elect wake up to leave? I can’t say for sure but the verses of Matthew 24 seem to give us some indications. Matthew 24:23 says: “So if someone says to you: ‘Here is the Christ is here.’, Or: ‘It’s there!’ Don’t believe it.”

So after explaining that those days would have been shortened, Jesus explains that false Christs would arise that would make signs and wonders such as to deceive, if possible, even the elect. Do you know the Blue Beam project? Have you ever heard about it? Well you should analyze it. Not because I consider it absolutely true, but because it is likely and something like that could be in the plans of the elites.

This project was revealed in 1994 by Canadian journalist Serge Monast, who died a couple of years later in unclear circumstances. He revealed that an elite plan was to blow up the spiritual convictions of the masses with a project that included, among other things, a progressive unhinging of historical certainties on which traditional religions are based and a subsequent holographic projection program in the skies of spectacular religious images of christs and prophets who would invite people to review their religious and spiritual beliefs. Subsequent psychological support operations should take place with electromagnetic radiation interfering with our minds. All this would seem to coincide with the words of Jesus, what do you say? I don’t know how spectacular, how widespread or real this projection program will be, if there will be something less obvious and more psychological like the current Covid pandemic, but something could happen and therefore wake up the elect. Some will obviously be deceived but many will understand that it is time to go out. Where will they go once they leave their respective religious organizations? We will see it in the next articles.

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