The formation of a new star

Articolo N. 142

I would just like to underline a rather evident fact: only a number of points in the layer of amber sealing the dome are completely transparent. So they let  flow the bioluminescence generated inside the superior waters. In fact the upper waters are swarming with millions of living luminiferous creatures. The layer we have represented as made up of amber is often mixed with many other disparate elements. Amber has not only transparency features but it can seal the upper watery layer so that it prevents waters from invading the cushion which serves as an ether gap between the stator and the rotor. The electric features of this resinous staff are rather interesting. Amber is a resinous insulator which is negatively electrified, quite differently from other glassy insulators that are positively electrified. Since this element is an insulator and not a conductor, within the amber layer no circulating electric current arises inside.

This is something quite strange, as we already  know the Earth behaves like a battery. Such an arrangement would demand that the layer of the dome that is in contact with the waters above (which is our electrolyte) should be a conductor or a semi-conductor. This would be necessary to activate the needed chemical reactions to accomplish the wearing out of the dome and the rising of the energy stored between the earth and the dome. Moreover, we have already proved the Earth and the dome are the two plates of a capacitor. A rotating plate develops eddy currents when it gets immersed in a magnetic field like the earthly one. These are the needed currents necessary to put the ether into rotation and push sun moon and planets in their hourly motion around the Earth. We stated that, for electrical reasons, the materials in the dome should be quartz, silicates and graphene. Silicates are rich in silicon which is a semi conductor. Graphene is a conductor or a superconductor at low temperatures. My initial hypothesis is that amber is, in the same layer, coexisting with quartz, silicates and graphene.

I have to check my hypothesis at the light of some particular astronomic observation. Everything has to harmonize. The aspect that has to be considered here  is the formation of a new star. Amber  is a layer which, as the dome in its totality, is wearing out. The part that is wearing out  is the one made up of silicates which are porous. Graphene sustains electric conduction.  As far as this sort of stuff wears out, the porosity of amber gets bigger and slowly a new star appears in the firmament. What does astronomy say about the star formation?

The model that is by now most widely accepted by the scientific community is the so called standard model. They suggests that a new star gets formed from a gravitational collapse of some most denser part said nucleus. They suggest that a new star is formed out of a molecular cloud. The subsequent growth of the stellar embryo would be originated out of the collapse generated in that original cloud. Such original cloud  would be just due to the growing porosity inside the amber layer. The growing of the stellar embryo is given by the union of a number of pores. The result will be the amazing, gradual revelation  of a new light point in the amber receptacle with the emerging of a new light flowing from the upper waters.

As you can perceive, at the end of the reasoning, everything fits. The amber layer is made opaque by the silicate that, while wearing out, will let the light of stars become visible. The problem is that the developing of such a phenomenon is a timer for the earth. But this is something we have already discussed.


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